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Yamanashi tour guide
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For example, Mt.Fuji, the symbol of Japan.

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Minobu-san Kuonji Temple

Minobu-san Kuonji Temple

Minobu-san Kuonji Temple

Chogon (Morning Service) at Main Hall

A morning service is held 365 days a year at three halls in sequence from the Main Hall, Founder’s Memorial Hall to Buddha Hall.

Start at 5:30 am from April to September and 6:00 am from October to March.

Everybody can attend this morning service for free.

Main Hall

Hondo | Main Hall

Rebuilding the Main Hall was desperate desire since it has been lost in big fire in 1875.

Head Priest Nichiren fully wished rebuilding the Main Hall in terms of 700th anniversary of Nichiren-Shonin’s decease.

The wish was taken over by the next Head Priests as 89th Head priest Nichiko.

The current Main Hall has been finally rebuild and Opening Ceremony with new Lord Buddha stature has held in May 1985 in the time of 90th Head Priest Nichiyu.

The Main Hall is full of wooden Buddhist decorations.

The Main Hall covers an area of 970 tsubo(3.200m) and it has a frontage of 17.5 ken(32m) and depth  28ken(51m).

Both its interior and exterior are made of woods.

The black-and-white painting “BOKURYU” (Black Dragon) on the ceiling by Matazo Kayama is a masterpiece.

It won the prize of Building Constructors’ Society in 1986.

The painting is magnificent and suitable for the Main Hall of Great Head Temple of Nichiren-Shu Order.

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