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Minobu-san Kuonji Temple

Minobu-san Kuonji Temple

Minobu-san Kuonji Temple

Chogon (Morning Service) at Main Hall

A morning service is held 365 days a year at three halls in sequence from the Main Hall, Founder’s Memorial Hall to Buddha Hall.

Start at 5:30 am from April to September and 6:00 am from October to March.

Everybody can attend this morning service for free every morning.

Main Hall

Hondo | Main Hall

Rebuilding the Main Hall was desperate desire since it has been lost in big fire in 1875.

Head Priest Nichiren fully wished rebuilding the Main Hall in terms of 700th anniversary of Nichiren-Shonin’s decease.

The wish was taken over by the next Head Priests as 89th Head priest Nichiko.

The current Main Hall has been finally rebuild and Opening Ceremony with new Lord Buddha stature has held in May 1985 in the time of 90th Head Priest Nichiyu.

The Main Hall is full of wooden Buddhist decorations.

The Main Hall covers an area of 970 tsubo(3.200m) and it has a frontage of 17.5 ken(32m) and depth  28ken(51m).

Both its interior and exterior are made of woods.

The black-and-white painting “BOKURYU” (Black Dragon) on the ceiling by Matazo Kayama is a masterpiece.

It won the prize of Building Constructors’ Society in 1986.

The painting is magnificent and suitable for the Main Hall of Great Head Temple of Nichiren-Shu Order.


Goju-no-tou | Five-storied Pagoda

This Five-Storied Pagoda at Minobusan has been rebuild under the pious patronage of supporters all over Japan.

91st Head Priest Nichiko has at first earnestly desired rebuilding this Pagoda and 92nd Head Priest Nisso completed the Pagoda.

130 years have passed since the last Pagoda was lost in fire at Minobusan.

The Opening Ceremony of the Pagoda was held from May 13th to 17th for 5days in a row in 2009.

Originally the Pagoda was built at Minobusan in 1619 by the donation of Lady Jufuku-In, Lord Toshitune Maeda’s mother in Kaga Prefecture.

It was constructed by Carpenter Nagatsugu Konoe-no-Kami Suzuki.

Unfortunately the first Pagoda was burnt 1n 1829, and it was lost again by big fire in 1875 of regardless of reconstruction.

The current Pagoda indicates completion of recovering all Buddhist buildings at Monobusan after Meiji period.

This is. as it were, a big project of great desperate desire.

This Pagoda has been reconstructed as recovering the original Pagoda by combination of traditional and modern techniques.

SEISHINKSKU SOSHIDO /Our Founder Nichiren-Shonin's Hall

SEISHINKSKU SOSHIDO | Our Founder Nichiren-Shonin’s Hall

This is the HALL Where a statue of Nichiren-Shonin is enshrined.

The Hall hes been rebuild in 1881 in the time of 74th Head Priest Nichikan.

The Hall originally belonged to Nezumi- yama Kannoji Temple, which was established by 11th Shogun lenari Tokugawa (feudal governor of Japan) in 1836.

As the Hall was unfortunately abolished in 1841, it was rebuilt here in 1881.

The ceremony to cerebrate 600th anniversary of Nichiren-Shonin’s decease was held here.

The magnificent shrine within the Hall, which keeps statue of Nichiren-Shonin, was donated by supporters in Tokyo.

Buddhist instruments for ceremonies as the gift canopy and banners were donated by supporters in Osaka and Kyoto.

There are also some statues, Nichiren-Shonin’s parents (Myonichi and Myoren) and his six senior disciples, in the  shrine  on alter of the Hall.

The letters “RISSHO” on the central beam were written by Showa Emperor in 1931 in commemoration of 650th anniversary of  Nichiren-Shonin’s decease.

GOSHINKOTSUDO / Nichiren-Shonin's Ashes Hall

GOSHINKOTSUDO | Nichiren-Shonin’s Ashes Hall

The Hall, which enshrined the ashed of Nichiren-Shonin, consists of as octagonal hall and a prayer room.

The Hall has been built by ardent donation of believers in Owari Province in the time of 74th Head priest Nichikan in1887.

There is very minute five-storied pagoda at the center of the Hall.

The pagoda contains a crystal urn which keeps Nichiren-Shonin’s ashes.

The crystal urn and the lotus base were donated by temples from Nichiren-Shu Order of Mino Provence.

The fully detailed five-storied pagoda and Buddhist canopy were donated by Nishiren Buddhist Association of Nagasaki Prefecture.

The imaged of four Guardian Gods decorated in gold and silver were sculptured by Yuio Goto enthusiastically.

BUTSDEN ・NOHAIDO / Buddha Hall and Memorial Tablet Hall

BUTSUDEN ・NOHAIDO | Buddha Hall and Memorial Tablet Hall

This Hall has been built by great donation of believers of Minobusan all over Japan in commemoration of 650th anniversary of Nichiren-Shonin’s decease in the time of 81st Head Priest Nippu in 1931.

Memorial services to offer the believers’ ashes and memorial tablets to Minobusan Kuonji Temple are held here every day.

Contact information Desk(HO-ONKAKU) if you need the services.

HOKIDO | Residence for Monks

HOKIDO | Residence for Monks

This Hall contains an office, dormitories, and kitchens.

This is a building of residence for monks.

Originally the Hall was built with the Main Hall and Karamon Gate under the patronage of Lady Zuiryu-In, Lord Hideyoshi Toyotomi’s elder sister, to pray for the response of her dead son Hidetsugu in the time of  18th Head Priest Nichiren in 1608.

Unfortunately the first Hall was lost in big fire in 1875.

The current Hall hes been rebuilt by Minobusan supporter’s great help in Yamanashi and shizuoka prefectures in the time of 74th  Head Priest Nichikan in 1883.

If you would like to take a rest or stay in here. You should ask it to the office in front of HOKIDO.