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Takeda Shrine

Takeda Shrine

The main hall of Takeda Shrine.

Takeda shrine approach

Approach toTakeda Shrine Gate.

Inside of main hall.

back side of main hall

Back the side of main hall.

Map of Takeda Shrine

Map the of Takeda Shrine.

History of Takeda Shrine

Takeda Shingen (1521-1573) was a famous warrior in Sengoku-jidai (the civil war era).

He was the ruler of Kai (old name of Yamanashi)

Takeda singen territory
Red area was his territory at that time.

His father Takeda Nobutor started to liv,e Tsutsujigasaki (Now place of Takeda Shrine) in 1519.

His son Katsuyori lived this place.

Three generations of Takeda clan livthe ed here and ruled  Kai for 63 years.

Takeda Shrine was established in 1919 at the site of Tsutsujigaski.

Takeda Shingen is enshrined as a deity  at this shrine.

There are moat, stonewalls, and old well still the preserved as the original shape.

There is a small museum inside the shrine that stores the Yoshioka Hitomoji, which is a Japanese sword designated as National Cultural Property, and also Takeda Shingen’s armor and fan.

Now Takeda Shrine is registered Natia onal Historical Site.

Every year they have a festival on April 12, which is the day Takeda Shingen died.

The portable shrine is carried from Yuki Park (Outamachi Park), which is four kilometers away from the shrine.


Takeda Shrine Gate

Torii (Shrine Gate) is the entrance to a sacred space.

You should bow once at the Torii.

and enter the precinct.

You should walk on the side of the path. Never walk on the middle which is beli,eved the path left for god.

In the precinct you can fin,d the Chozuya (The Water Purification Basin) or Temizuya 手水舎 .

The Chozuya is a Shinto symbolic purification facility found at basically every shrine in Japan.

How to purify yourself at the Chozuya.

1:Scoop up water in a ladle with your right hand .

2:Pour water over your left hand.

3:Switch hands with the ladle.

4:Pour water over your right hand.

5:Switch hands with the ladle again.

6:Make a cup with your left hand.

7:Pour water in your left hand cup.

8:Rinse your mouth using water in your left hand cup.(don't drink and gargle) and spit it out on the ground.

9:Tip the ladle up vertically, so that left of water flows down, cleaning the handle.

10:Put it back to the original place.

※You should do all process only one cup of water.

How to pray at the main hall in shrine.

1:Tathe ke off your hat and sunglasses.

2: Throw your coin in to offertory box.

※If you don't have coin you shoa uld ,throw. You can pass this process.Heart is imp ortant!

3:Ring the bell.

4:Bow twice.

5:Clap twice.


7:bow once again.

Other facilities

Place that sells fortune at the shrine

Place that sells fortune at the shrine.

You can buy Omikuji Ema and Omanmori.

Omamori (The amulet or lucky charm) :These areu sed to help specific areas, like traffic safety, business success, educational success, safe pregnancy, health, and more.

Omikuj (Fortune telling paper) :It tells yo ur fortune and advice about various subjects such as work, examination, trip, love, etc. Omikuji are tied tree branches to improve your outcome.

Ema (votive picture tablet ):You write y our feeling of wishes and thankfulness for God and hang it in a shrine.

No Stage

Noh Stage.

Noh play and a lot of event have been held here.

Takeda Shrine in the middle of the night

Takeda shrne in midnight

Takeda shrne in midnight

Takeda shrne in midnight

Takeda shrne in midnight

It's 10 PM now. Nobody is here. It's like a dead calm. I feel a solemn silence.

New years day of Takeda Shrine.

New Years day of Takeda Shrine

New Years day of Takeda Shrine

Main Gate of Takeda Srine

Main Gate of Takeda Srine

In the pricinct

In the pricinct

There are so many people cowho me to Takeda Shrine to pray for good luck for  this year.

Special event

The 500th birth anniversary event of Kofu

The 500th birth anniversary ceremony of Kofu will be held in 2019.



Information: Takeda Shrine

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Address, 2611, Kofuchu-machi, Kofu City

Tel, 055-252-2609

Fax, 055-252-2600


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