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Yamanashi Tourism in Japan
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For example, Mt.Fuji, the symbol of Japan.

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Yamanashi tour guide

Nishizawa Gorge

Nishizawa Gorge

Nishizawa Gorge

Shall we go to a Forest therapy base.

When the most people think of Ymanashi are Mt. Fiji, The five-lakes and wineries.
However, the best place of one-day hike trails is Nishizawa Gorge.
It takes a couple of hours from Tokyo. You may feel healing power of nature.
I’m sure you will never forget the special experience in Nishizawa Gorege.
This place is authorized as a Forest therapy base in 2007.

What is a“Forest Therapy Base”

A “Forest Therapy Base” is an area located in a forest where the relaxing effects have been observed based on scientific analysis conducted by a forest medical expert. Moreover, it is an area where nature merges with society permitting people to come together and partake in some social activity surrounded in a natural environment. At each “Forest Therapy Base”, for the purpose of promoting a healthy lifestyle and encourage relaxation, other than forest walking, various other forest therapy programs are made available to visitors.

In order to be certified as a “Forest Therapy Base”, an appropriate forest location must be properly maintained such that visitors can effectively receive “Forest Therapy” and enjoy the physiological and psychological benefits. Also, a certified “Forest Therapy Base” needs to have more than two “Forest Therapy Road” which will be discussed further.

Source: http://www.fo-society.jp/quarter/cn49/62forest_across_japan.html

Nishizawa Gorge is one of the most beautiful Gorge of The Chichibu Tama Kai National Park. a park which covers more than 1250 square kilometers of forested mountains, hills, gorges and some rural towns in the prefectures of Yamanashi, Saitama, Nagano and Tokyo.

You find many of the emerald waterfalls and rock formations are given fitting names such as the Kaeru Ishi (frog rock) , Fugu Ishi (blow-fish rock) and Botai-Buchi ( Maternal hall Rock). Given the popularity of the hike.

Frog rock

(Frog Rock)


(Blow-Fish Rock)

Maternal hall Rock

(Maternal hall Rock)




(Emerald Waterfalls)

Do you realize the people hiking trails in these picture?

The Nishizawa Gorge is big nature compare with them.

Appealing point of  Nisizawa Gorge is emerald waterfall which is huge and breathe taking scenery.



Basically,  hiking trail is well maintained and relatively walker-friendly, in the nature always change the situation badly.

There are so many narrow trails and very slippy rock trails. It’s really dangerous especially for kids.

You will be staring at a wonderful landscape but watch your step anytime.

Map for Nshizawa Grge

(Map for Nshizawa Grge)

Suspension Bridge

You may enjoy several types of Bridge.

The Nanatsugama-Godan-no-Taki ( NIshizawa Gorge Waterfall of five steps of seven pots)

This spot is always crowded with photographers who are trying to get good photos.

Trails   Trails

Trails   Trails

Several types of trails

Nishizawa Gorge is particularly beautiful during the autumn leaves season, which usually reaches its peak in late October and early November.

Nishizawa Gorge trail is closed between December to April so please beware of when you visit.



Information: Nishizawa Gorge

The round trip hike from the parking lot (or bus stop) is about 12 kilometers and takes about four hour or so.

Roughly 90 minutes from the entrance of Nishizawa Gorge.  you’ll come to the Nanatsugama-Godan-no-Taki ( NIshizawa Gorge Waterfall of five steps of seven pots).

Near here there is a wide space good for taking  a break and a toilet, it’s the only one of the round trip.

By car: Take the Chuo Expressway from Tokyo to the Katsunuma exit. Follow route 20 west to highway route 140. Go north to Nishizawa Keikoku (roughly 2.5 hours from Tokyo).

By train: Take the JR Chuo Line from to Yamanashi-shi Station. From Yamanashi-shi Station you can take a taxi (about 30 minutes) or a Yamanashi Sangaku bus (about an hour).


If you want to stay around this area I highly recommend  Ymagatakan (Hot-spring inn).

It has six types of hot spring and open-air spa.


Yamagatakan It takes about 15minuites from Nisizawa Gorge parking lot by car or by bike.


Entrance of Yamagatakan.

Brochure of Yamagatakan

Brochure of Yamagatakan

Tel, 0553-39-21111

Fax, 0553-39-2114

For more information refer to: Yamagatakan


Mitinoeki Mitomi

Michino-eki mitomi (Road Station Mitomi)

There are so many local foods selling in here.

Inside of MItinoeki

Inside of Mitino-Eki Mitomi

It takes about 5minuites from Nisizawa Gorge parking lot by car or by bike.